Harps in Stock

Pedal Harps

  • Atlantide Prestige Walnut (47 Strings Extended Sound Board) SOLD
  • Clio Mahogany (44 Strings Extended Sound Board) SOLD
  • Mini Blue Ebony (44 Strings Straight Soundboard) SOLD

Lever Harps

  • Melusine (38 Strings Nylon) Cherry SOLD
  • Odyssey Levered & High Legs (27 Strings Nylon) Blue SOLD
  • Ulysse (34 Strings Alliance) Midnight Blue SOLD
  • Mademoiselle Ebony (40 Strings Gut) SOLD
  • Odyssey Cherry (27 String Nylon) SOLD

Second Hand Harps

  • Aoyama Vega 46B Maple SOLD
  • Camac Clio Walnut (44 Strings Straight Sound Board) SOLD
  • Erat (43 Strings) Has both bequille and fourchette mechanisms
  • Kemspter Harp (34 Strings Gut) With Levers
  • RARE Kempster Harp #12 (32 Strings Lever Gut/Nylon) With Original Levers
  • Camac Mademoiselle Ebony (40 Strings Gut)
  • Frank O Gallagher Harp (34 Strings Nylon)
  • Wire Strung Harp (Strings Wire) made by Tim Guster and is a copy of a Downhill Harp


  • Harp Trolley (New & Second Hand)
  • Second Hand Harp Trolley (Stair Climber-6 Wheels)

Rental Harps

We have rental harps available for South Australia