Uncharted Shores Layne J.

Uncharted Shores Layne J.


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“I started composing Uncharted Shores on January 21st, 2020, live on camera for Harp Tuesday (my video series about playing the harp).

You can watch me pin down the beginnings of the piece in Episode 178. During that episode I talked about how, going in, my only firm idea was that I wanted to use flowing, water-like patterns (something the harp does very well).

I finished writing Uncharted Shores as the effects of Covid-19 were sweeping through North America. The music and title capture some of my feelings of the time – of being at sea with no certain destination.

The title also describes how I typically compose – navigating my way through an unknown soundscape, as the shape of the composition gradually becomes clear.

In the closing section you can hear optimism and joy as we find safe harbor in the music. I hope we all find firm footing on these uncharted shores.”

Josh Layne
July 11, 2020

Intermediate-advanced difficulty. For lever or pedal harp. Written originally for lever harp, the pedal harp version has several fast pedal changes ?

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